YADP Domotic Project

A new vision to home automation focused on the low cost and ease installation

The project has as its object the implementation of a home automation infrastructure that can be produced at low cost, compared to those currently available on the market, and offer high performance in terms of expandability and flexibility of control.

The project uses WiFi protocol, now available in every house. This allows using of modern mobile devices such as Smartphones based on Android or IOS.

Smartphones and Tablets are used for the administration of the entire infrastructure.

In addition to the technological aspect, the project is a response to a preliminary analysis that I have conducted over the years I have worked in this area.

Why didn’t the Home Automation enter yet into the houses of ordinary people ?

The question has multiple answers.

First for the high cost of the devices and their installation.  The current approach regards luxury homes under construction and renovation in which you can apply a large amount of cables  and create appropriate infrastructure for the devices.

Second, because the devices are often produced with incompatible technologies. Different manufacturers use proprietary protocol that can not be extended to be able to communicate with other third parties.

Finally some circumstances the products belonging to a series no longer in production can not be used with the new products from the same manufacturing company. With the consequence of re-purchase copies of devices already functioning for being integrated with those of the new series.

For these reasons, some customers have developed a real dislike for home automation solutions.

Home automation is one of the few categories of the market to become a commodity without having had its market peak.

These are the reasons from which arise the goals that I would like to achieve in this project.

  • Low cost
  • Easy installation without cables and masonry.
  • Dynamic configuration that enables new usage scenarios simply by reassigning devices.
  • Assured compatibility of older devices with new ones. (Legacy Support)
  • Interfacing with existing Household appliances.

Below is the first introductory video of the project. The video gives an overview of the main components of the project. The proposed devices could change in the properties and functionality during the evolution of the project.


I hope it was interesting. :)

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