YADP Project Status 29/12/2013

The current status of the project is shown in the first video posted.

The video is available at this URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaYbqcIn0QI

Control Unit Board

For the CU, before proceeding to the full implementation of the communication protocol, it needs to add an RTC and its backup battery. So I will verify that the new interrupt line is completely processed. Current date and time will be displayed on the service LCD display.

Mains Power PWM Board

For the Mains Power Actuator, the small transformer should be substitute with a transformerless and decoupled solution.  Decoupled transformerless has to continue to work with the  zero crossing detection part.

Finally, the output current must allow the proper functioning of the micro and RF transmitter.

In the preparation version of this actuator for wall outlets. :)

Stay tuned!

LordAdmin aka Emiliano Mazza DIY Electronics and so on…